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Cultures maintenance conditions

Strains are kept in test tubes or in Erlanmayer flasks (100-300ml) placed on shelves in a air-conditioned room (12-15°C), irradiated by a vertical panels of fluorescent tubes that gives cca 5 W.m-2. The panel is provided with a few small incandescent bulbs to provide some infrared wavelengths. To save electricity and cooling system, light is controlled to 12h/12h light/dark. Strains are transferred to fresh slants in cca 3-4 months intervals. After inoculation a strain is allowed to grow up in better conditions, room temperature and cca 10 W.m-2. Termophilic strains are kept separately at a room temperature; other parameters are similar as above.

Note: Any nutrient solution can be used as liquid, or solidified by 1.5% of agar. In this case medium is labeled "agar".

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