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Dunaliella medium

Author: Schlösser 1982

The cultivation of halophilic algae. 

Mix 20 ml of the stock macroelements solution with 910 ml of artificial seawater and 30 ml of seawater soil extract.


Stock Solution

(g.l-1 dH2O)

Quantity Used

(to 1 litre)

KNO3 10,00 g 10 ml
K2HPO4 1,00 g  10 ml
MgSO4.7H2O 1,00 g 10 ml
soil extract see following recipe 30 ml
artificial seawater see following recipe 930 ml

Soil extract

1/3 of 6 litre flask fill with garden or leaf soil (not too great humus or clay content), and deionized water until it stands 5cm above the soil. Sterilize by heating in a steamer one hour, twice in a 24h interval. Separate the decanted extract by centrifugation. Fill into small containers, autoclave 20 minutes/1 atmosphere; store in refrigerator.

Artificial seawater 


Quantity Used

(g.l-1 dH2O)

NaCl 30,0 g
MgSO4.7H2O 31,0 g 
KCl 1,5 g
CaSO4 2,0 g


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  • Schlösser, U.G., 1982. Sammlung von Algenkulturen. - 95: 181-276.
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