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General Terms and Conditions

Standard delivery time is about 3 weeks, but it can vary depending on the size of the order and specific
demands of the individual strains requested. Delivery time to countries far from central Europe such as e.g.
Eastern Asia or South America can be up to one month.

Maximal ordering amount is 20 items or 8 kg per one order (larger orders will be divided).

Standard shipment of the ordered strains is by regular postal service. "Express delivery" orders are sent by priority mail. Delivery by courier or other mail services (e.g. EMS) is provided on request and the price will be calculated
separately according the provider’s price list.

By ordering strains from CCALA, customer agrees to not resell, redistribute or lend our strains to the third
person/subject, and to quote the original strain code
including the collection acronym (CCALA) and the strain
number in all publications and patent applications.

All customers are kindly asked to provide in return a reprint of any publication (in PDF) resulting from the
research projects, in which our strains were examined.

All CCALA strains are clonal and unialgal. We do not guarantee the axenity of our strains (meaning that they
can contain small amount of bacteria, exceptionally also fungi). Number of cells in the cultures are not quantified
prior to the shipment, but the quality of the growth is always controlled visually (growth opacity in liquid cultures,
amount of biomass on the agar surface).

The strains are usually identified by the depositor, and although we revise the strains periodically and update
the names according to the current knowledge on taxonomy, we cannot guarantee that the strain names are
. We would appreciate your suggestions on the names corrections.

If the cultures arrive in unsatisfactory condition, we will send a replacement culture free of charge on request if CCALA will be informed within 14 days of receipt. When ordering media, mixed cultures or other services, please specify your request in the "Additional notes/ Special requirements" field of the Order form.

By submitting on-line order form, customer agrees with CCALA policies and charges.

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