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How to order and pay



All strains of algae, cyanobacteria or non-seed plants available from the CCALA culture collection are listed in our on-line catalogue. You can search directly by taxonomic groups selected in the left menu or you can use "Advanced Search" option to find specifically defined strains (e.g. from certain locality or habitat). Cultures listed as "Temporarily not available" are also kept in the collection, but cannot be purchased at the moment (i.e. are being cleaned, tested or are not in a good enough condition to be offered to our customers).

To order strains from CCALA, you have two options:

You can directly choose the desired strains from the catalogue by clicking at the "Add to card" orange button. Unlimited number of strains can be added into the cart. When done with your selection, click on the orange button "Cart" in the top panel of the webpage, fill in and adjust the desired amounts and packing types and click on "Write order" button. On-line order form will appear; fill out the form carefully (red star marked fields are obligatory), check your order and click on "Send order". 

By submitting the online form, you explicitly agree with our "Terms and conditions"A copy of the order form will be sent to you e-mail address. 

Alternatively, you can download, fill out and send CCALA order form to You can scan a signed form or use electronic signature. In case of ordering more than 12 items, please use an Attachment form

You can also use our fax number: +420384721136 or following postal address:

CCALA Culture Collection of Autotrophic Organisms
Institute of Botany of the AS CR
Dukelska 135, CZ-379 82
Czech Republic

When submitted, both ways of ordering from CCALA are understood as firm and no extra confirmation will be sent to you, unless expressly stated in the note field of your order. Please, let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your order!


In order of days upon receiving your order, we will prepare your invoice and send its scanned copy to your e-mail address together with a summary of the payment options. Preparation of Pro-forma invoice is possible on special request.  If you need to have your own order number stated on the invoice, please write it clearly in the note field of the order form or send us your own order form together with our form.  Strain requests not containing original CCALA online or pdf form will not be accepted!

Your payment can be realized either by direct bank transfer, or using debit/credit card (all data necessary will be stated in the invoice). For the latter option, use our gateway for payments at In this case, amount has to be paid in Czech crowns (CZK), please calculate the corresponding sum according the attached exchange rates.

Please, do not forget to fill in your invoice number as a variable code of the payment, as your payment cannot be identified without this number!

Please note that all international orders including the "Express delivery" orders are dispatched after a confirmation of the corresponding payment. To make the procedure faster, you can send us a copy of the confirmation document you get from your bank or the message of acceptance from the payment portal.

Standard delivery time is about 3 weeks, but it can be shorter or even couple weeks longer, depending on the specific demands of the individual strains ordered. We always prepare a fresh culture when a strain requested. Please note that we deal with living organisms and this time estimate is about optimal by our long-term experience to protect you from receiving thin or not very well established culture.

An original of your invoice will be sent to you in the package with the strains.

In case of any questions, please contact us through our contact form.


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