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Medium for non-seed plants

Authors: Baslerová & Dvořáková 1962

Liverworts, ferns and duckweeds are maintained in 250 ml Erlenmayer's flasks on agar medium in the air conditioned room at 12-15°C. They are irradiated similarly as other strains (see above).

Into 900 ml of dH2O add quantity of stock solutions (see belowe) fill in 1 litre with dH2O. Autoclave. 


Stock Solution

(g.l-1 dH2O)

Mosses (M)

Quantity Used

(to 1 litre)

Liverworts & ferns 

Quantity Used

(to 1 litre)

NH4NO3 80,00 1.5 ml 2.5 ml
KH2PO4 136,00 0.5 ml 0.75 ml
MgSO4.7H2O 120,00 0.5 ml 0.4 ml
CaCl2.2H2O 110,00 0.2 ml 1,0 ml
FeCl3.6H2O 16.20 0.2 ml 0.16 ml


  • Baslerová, M. & Dvořáková, J. 1962. Algarum, Hepaticarum Muscurumque in cultiris collectio. NCSAV, Praha, 59 pp. 
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